From material prepare, printing, mold develop to tin can punching, we handel all these process under
strict quality control.

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01. Tinplate inspection
02. Printing
04. Mass production
06. Packing & delivery
03. Tooling testing
05. Tin box inspection
All material (tinplates) from our selected suppliers are verified by EN71-3,
FDA, REACH, ROHS2.0.  Besides this, we’ll also proceed an internal
inspection on them before start production.

Inks quality, Inks proportion, typesetting all these factors may affect final
color quality.

Thanks to our printing engineers. Their extensive experience ensures
the color quality and all printing tinplate will be checked piece by piece.

In this step, our trained workers will make your idea products into reality
following a serious of instructions.

Meanwhile: Engineer and QC will check the tin box quality every half
hour on the production line. To make sure the mold and machine
condition is as good as the beginning, avoid quality problems.

In order to make sure all tin boxes arrive in good condition, we implement
multiple solutions to protect them. This includes:
2.Dividing card
3.double corrugated carton box
4. Wooden pallet if needed

Before stamping, there is a very important step that should never be
skipped: test the molds. If not, may cause many quality problems.  
Eg: Scratches, Emboss deviation. So before starting mass production, our engineer team would spend 2~3 days to test the molds step by step. 

All tins will go through the oven and cleaned by Cleanroom Wiper  and
Ethanol after finish.

Meanwhile, to ensure each tin reaches your requirement, an internal
inspection will proceed one by one according to standard AQL 2.5/4.0.