Custom Tin Packaging
We are a tin box manufacturer in China. No matter what shape, sizes of tins you want for enhancing your brand, we can custom it.
You can print any design over the whole tin box. Whether your artwork 
is CMYK colors or Pantone colors.
Graphic personalization

Bespoke shape, size

Besides round, square, rectangular these common shapes, tin boxes can be made into any irregular shapes,  in any size.

    • Glossy vanish

      Matte varnish

      Spot glossy

      Blasting oil

      It gives us a vibrant, shiny look.

      Like UV effect. Mixed matte & glossy

      varnish hights our logo.

      It feels grainy

      It generates a smooth textured by

      adopting matte lacquers


      Throw away fake metallic texture, this

      is natural metal feeling we want
      • 3D emboss



        Glossy vanish

        Use a 3D emboss to make our design as vivid as life

        Clients can see your product directly without opening the box

        Select stackability to help with storage and point-of-sale display

        Add features such as coin slots to your tin



        Handles are great for reusable tins, giving them excellent longevity

        Add wheels to your tin, make it a toy for kids

        • Slip lid

          Plug lid

          Slide lid

          Clip lid

          This lid slips over the main body of the tin

          This lid sits directly inside the tin to create a flush finish

          This lid sits directly inside the tin to create a flush finish

          The lid sits on tracks to make them slide open or close

          Create an air-tight seal to keep the            products fresh inside

          Hinged lid

          Lever lid

          Click clack

          The lid and body were connected together by a hinge structure

          Another structure to strengthen sealing effect of tin box  

          Push the lid top to open the tin and squeeze the sides to close it.  

          Deco Options For Your Own Tin Box
          Besides offering customized shape, size, printing pattern, there is also a wide range of deco options for your choices. Including:
           First class tinplate
           Food safe inks
          Consistent quality
          All our tinplates are FDA, RoSH and REACH182 certificated. And we will also go through incoming inspection before putting into production, to make sure no material problem happens.
          Having been manufacturing tin box for over 20 years make us know that ink quality is very important. Our EN71-3 and RoHS2.0 verified inks not only ensure the printing quality but also let our tins be safe to contact food directly.
          Besides the trained workers, the accuracy of mold is another factor of quality problem. Our professional mold engineer team works together with our production line, to make sure the quality consistent.

          Fabulous Tin Packaging Behind Your Brand
          Applications Of Tin Box
          Didn’t find the catagoryfor your product?
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          Candy tins
          Tea tins
          Wine tins
          Candle tins
          Cigarette tins
          Chocolate tins
          Why Work With Us?
          We are not the best factory in our field. But we’ll do our utmost to be your best partner.
          MOQ lower
          Delivery fast
          Quality better

          Price lower

          Service better


          What other clients say?

          A very professional tin box factory. It’ s my first time to use tin packaging for my candy products, Tsing team makes the whole process free pain. From proofing, mass production to delivery, this is a factory trying to consider things in clients’ shoes. "

             ----  Jared 

          “A reliable factory. A quality problem happened during our cooperation. Tsing team didn’t escape the problem, they face it and solved it very soon. Highly appreciated their attitude.”
                ---  Fabiola

          “I must say price is not the lowest, service is first-class. I chose them from 7 factories. Their service worth their price.”

                        ---- Eric